Next Meeting

Notice of Meeting – Cavan Camera Club

Venue: Cavan Institute (Room 205)
Date: Monday 31 May 2010
Time: 7.30pm

1. Examination and discussion of Project photographs.
2. Proposed Meeting dates from September 2010
3. Agree activity for Summer Break
4. Committee Structure
5. AOB


Notice of Meeting – Cavan Camera Club

The next meeting of Cavan Camera Club will take place on 19th April 2010 at 7:30pm in the Cavan Institute (Room 205). Notice from John McKay as follows. I would encourage anyone with an interest in photography to attend.

Notice of Meeting – Cavan Camera Club

Venue: Cavan Institute (Room 205)

Date: 19 April 2010

Time: 7.30pm

Remember to bring cameras and any other relevant equipment to the meeting.

It is intended to spend most of the meeting time dealing with camera equipment. However, some housekeeping items outlined in the agenda below will also have to be dealt with.


1. Proposed venue

2. Proposed calendar to end May 2010

3. Proposed Programme from September 2010

4. Agree activity for next meeting

5. AOB

Seán Hillen Photomontages at Bluewall Gallery, Cavan

Just popped down to view the photomontage works of Seán Hillen. His “Irelantis” work is quite striking and iconic. There are many framed prints of his work along with several originals. Well worth a visit to Bluewall Gallery to view! Gallery website is

New Photography Club for Cavan

This is a website I setup last year to identify interest in a photo club in Cavan. Recently with the initiative of others the first steps have been taken to make it a reality. I will post updates on the new club on this site and perhaps it will become the photo clubs website going forward.

An informal meeting took place in Cavan Institute this evening with the ambition to establish a Photography Club in Cavan following a notice in the Anglo Celt newspaper last week. A healthy turnout showed up representing all age groups and all levels of capability. General consensus was reached with enthusiasm on establishing a club (possibly meeting every two weeks) . A suitable venue is currently being identified. If you are interested in participating in the club send an email to so you can be included on future updates and meetings. People of all experience levels are encouraged. Spread the word!

Cold Spell great for winter scenes

This is one of the majestic mature hardwoods on Farnham Estate in Cavan on a cold Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 2009

Cloudy day

Looking out the window today you would be forgiven for thinking that your camera is best left in it’s case for the day. Not so.

"Bleeding Hearts" Plant

 The dense cloud cover actually creates a pleasant soft diffused light which is ideal for outdoor portraits or plants.

Places to Photograph in Cavan

When you start looking Cavan has a surprising number of interesting attractions that make good locations for photography. Here’s a link to several from the Cavan Tourism website.